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Daily Offer
Every day at 9.00 am the daily offer changes . This means that you get a 15% discount on a daily basis in the selected Magic Ball of the picture below. You can make your choice of thickness and length.
Every person is entitled to make only one purchase per day.

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500 m(100 gr) 3-ply uni = 7 €

380 m(100 gr) 4-ply uni = 8 €


500 m(100 gr) 3-ply color spreading = 8 €

380 m(100 gr) 4-ply color spreading = 8 €

500 m(100 gr) 3-ply of your choice = 8 €

380 m(100 gr) 4-ply of your choice = 9 €


Cash on delivery costs €2.90 and

shipping cost is €2.90 
for product purchases up to 2 kg

FREE shipping and cash on delivery for orders over €100  


With every purchase of € 50 or more you get a uni Magic Ball (100 gr), of your choice in color, completely FREE

Create your own MagicBall

In case you can't find what you are looking for, create your own unique MagicBall by selecting the colors and length that you desire. Just Click Here....



The MagicYarnBall thread is handmade high quality thread, originating from Germany.
The texture is very soft, 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. It's not twisted but in parallel form.
There is a 3-ply yarn (thin for summer) and a 4-ply yarn (thick for winter). At the change of the colors in a Magic Ball, there is a small connection knot, which in knitting is covered and not shown.
The little gem at the beginning of each thread changes randomly so it might not be the same as the one in the photo.
The MagicYarnBall thread is washed at 30ºC in the washing machine, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified and is suitable for babies. It can be knitted on 2.00mm-5.00mm needle or crochet . The measures of each yarn are proportional to the grams you choose, so that with a single yarn you create a knit of your choice.
For example, with 750m (150gr) you can make a stole. With 1000m (200gr), you can make a big scarf. With 1500m (300gr), you'll be able to make a long skirt. With 2000m (400gr), you can make a long dress. If you see that you are missing a piece of thread or color, you can use one of our monochrome yarns.
WARNING: The weight of your MagicBall order may vary slightly but the length will always be correct.

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